Are you ready?

In August of 2018 I set out and ran a lap of Yorkshire to raise cash and have a conversation around mental health. Those 3 weeks changed my life forever. We raised in excess for £27,000 for CALM and I was subsequently awarded “Yorkshire Man of the Year” “(bonkers)”. Since then I have become obsessed with sharing running with people with a particular interest in how running benefits our mental health and wellbeing. I am so passionate about it. Running is so accessible to so many people, I have seen it change people lives, on so many levels.
I want to show how powerful it can be and inspire as many people as possible to begin running. Over the next 4 months I am going to be working on 2 projects and I need your help to make them happen.


During my run I met a lovely chap called Lucas, he arranged my Humber Bridge crossing and rallied up 80+ runners to run over the bridge with him, I even kipped on his sofa that night!
Lucas has kindly donated 2 relay teams. One to Running Yorkshire and one to CALM. We are going to pool these places and we want to find 8 people from Yorkshire who don’t run, who perhaps have had experiences with shitty mental health and are up for talking openly about their experiences. We will then train then up over the coming weeks and we will all run a marathon together as a team. This is your ticket to change your life. 


This is going to be an adventure of a life time. The second project is going to see us take 8 runners to Mexico for a brutal 5 day adventure race through the copper cannons. Similarly I am looking for people who run to manage their mental health who are willing to talk openly about their experiences. We’re gonna make a film and I promise you will be helping people by sharing your story. But make no mistake, this is considered to be one of the most savage ultra races in the world! Are you up for it? 
Click the link below and fill in the short questionnaire and we will be in touch.